Jarrod Blaylock

Appointed Captain of the Guard upon Kenyan's election as Magistrate. He insists on being addressed as Lord Captain.


Although he was previously only addressed by his last name, Blaylock, since being promoted he has insisted that his peers and subordinates now address him according to his new title: Lord Captain. He was the primary organizer and protector during the refugee's escape from Telreador and has been publicly commended with personally rescuing many citizens who had been isolated in the Western and Northern Towers.

He's an excellent Lord Captain, maintains strict discipline among the Guard, and has begun some popular initiatives to increase Cabed Mor's defenses. However he has been known to sometimes administer his own brand of street justice rather than waste (in his opinion) the Council's time discussing unnecessary things like petty theft or other minor crimes.

Jarrod Blaylock

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