Goblin Invasion 2

After leaving their new potential Kobold allies, the group decided to follow the map they’d found on the Kobold leader to the first camp which appeared to be about 2 days walk farther north. They group was painfully aware that they were running short on time if they were to return to Cabed Mor in time for the mid-summer festival and ritual of mourning on the anniversary of the fall of Telreador.

They hastily moved on to the north and were successful in avoiding any more Goblin encounters, eventually coming to the northern edge of the forest. In the distance, perched on a hill top was a camp surrounded by a hedge thicket. Upon stealthy investigation, Weyland was able to determine that the 2 entrances were guarded by Goblins and that the approach to each entrance was trapped with pits and snares. This camp had been well prepared and seemed to be a fairly permanent setting and held about 8 to 10 Goblins.

The group decided to attempt to bluff their way into drawing the Goblins out of their camp and into an ambush they’d set up within the treeline. However, the Goblins didn’t fall for the ruse of the lost and confused lone traveler and didn’t pursue him into the trap. This forced the group to rethink their tactics and they decided to attempt a mass bluff attempt and approach the camp as Hobgoblins with prisoners. They thought hat the narrow and trapped approach could be used to their advantage since it would not allow the Goblins to flank the party member in the lead. However the disadvantage was that only one party member could engage the Goblins in melee at one time, although magical and ranged attacks were possible. The group approached with Weyland pointing out the trapped areas so it appeared the party knew the safe route into camp. This only fooled the guards for a few minutes and they soon raised the alarm.

The Goblins attacked and the first few were quickly cut down, allowing the group to reach the camp entrance. Because the surrounding hedge was only about 5 feet tall, they were able to see the remaining Goblins. The Goblin leader was a spellcaster of some sort and he, along with his guards posed a considerable threat, but eventually the party prevailed, slaying the spellcaster and other Goblins after suffering only moderate damage themselves.

Among the items they found in the camp were the remains of a different Woodsmen and some additional yellow gems identical to the ones found in the Kobold lair. With time running short, the group knew they needed to head back to Cabed Mor and still have a couple of days before the ceremonies and festival so they quickly headed back to Cabed Mor along the paths they’d cleared earlier.



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