Fateful Night

It was shortly after the assembly hall clock chimed midnight that the horses and livestock became restless in their barns and stables, and then shortly after the dogs began to howl. The garrison guards who checked said they saw nothing out of the ordinary. However as they were returning to their duties they noticed an unnatural crimson mist rising from the city streets.

Realizing something now was very much not right they roused the garrison Captain who immediately sent them to wake the Telreador Council. It took only a few minutes for the Council to gather in the assembly hall but in that time the ground had begun to shake and groan as if alive with its own will and purpose. With this the city’s citizens who’d awakened earlier began to run into the streets in a panic and the garrison quickly lost control of the growing chaos.The crimson mist had grown more solid with tendrils reaching up from the cracked city streets to entangle any passers by.

Screams quickly filled the air as they were enveloped by the mist and fell to the ground. The shaking quickly grew more violent and buildings began to crumble and fall. It was almost as if the mist was pulling the city apart by its foundations. It’s uncertain what actions the Council was considering within the confines of the assembly hall for as the garrison Captain approached the ground lurched and it collapsed upon itself and disappeared into the chasm that had appeared beneath it.

She would never speak in detail of what she’d witnessed, but would only ever say that she’d heard horrific and unworldly sounds and smelled the sickening smell of burning sulfur just before the hall disappeared.



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