Catching Up

The group had learned of 4 missing Hunters and Woodsmen who had failed to return after 4 days in the wilderness. After some brief investigating, the group discovered some trails in the forest and identified Goblin tracks leading off to the north.

After dispatching a number of Goblin encounters the group decided to move off the trails and continue heading north through the thick underbrush of the forest. Unfortunately they ended up in an area inhabited by hordes of small carnivorous lizards and one of the party members was lost. The group finished off the lizards and returned to Cabed Mor with their friend’s remains.

The caravan from Andor had just arrived the night before their return and with it a couple of unique individuals whom the group felt would be assets to their fledgling adventuring party. One was a Warlock wrapped in scarves and robes who seemed to always have a mug of hot tea in her hands, and the other a Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut who had traveled to Cabed Mor in the hopes of assisting her Priests who’d come before her to investigate the tragedy of Telreador. With the surrounding Goblin threat she felt that siding with this group would be the best way to serve her deity at least for now.



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