Campaign Beginning

Fast forward 6 more months to the present. 11 months after the fall of Telreador, 4 weeks before mid-summer:

The great-houses of Cabed Mor still provide shelter to some villagers, but many settlers have worked together over the spring to build individual family houses. One great house has been turned into a tavern with the back portion set up for new arrivals from Andor. The Captain has maintained regular patrols between Cabed Mor and the Telreador ruins. Since early winter scouts have reported that the feeling of dread waxes and wanes with the phases of the moon, growing strongest on the darkest nights. During mid-winter no one could approach to within a mile of the ruins.

Soldiers have reported that the entire ruined area is now a flooded marshland and when they approach within a bow-shot they still see the glowing lights and the stench nearly overwhelms them. Those who’ve braved the stench have reported seeing distant figures moving about the ruins and have become overwhelmed by a sense of foreboding dread. No one has been able to stay overnight and all have been forced to flee in uncontrollable fear once darkness falls.

The senior Priests of Cabed Mor are anxious to return to the ruins to investigate the origins of the horrific catastrophe. However they’ve been adamant that, until they can determine at least some partial clue about what actually happened, no one should enter the area. Asteril, an elderly Warlock from Westdale has recently arrived and has been speaking with villagers about what happened, apparently with a similar interest.

Many shopkeepers live above their small shops, doing business from the ground floors of their homes. A monthly caravan from Andor brings goods and supplies and the Smiths have begun rebuilding their forges. Woodwrights have been sending lumber and some finished goods back to Andor for sale in their market; however the tools they’ve requested have yet to arrive. The hunters have been providing a steady supply of cured meats and hides as well. Durador, a one-armed Dwarf from Westdale recently arrived and now sells and repairs weapons and armor for the garrison soldiers and hunters.

Although some are in limited supply, most items which had previously been available in Telreador are available in Cabed Mor once again.



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